I’m Sick

Feel worse today as last night still got not much sleep. I have got a cold n need a long rest. The weather keeps changing every day and it indeed annoys me.
Right now I’m typing my blog via my phone becoz my velocity completely sucks. It’s quite expensive and I have to consider my balance. That’s exactly a piece of bad news for a sick me who need a long sleep in bed but have to visit AT&T to purchase a new device. Poor me is becoming quite poor at the year end.I cannot remember when was my last time to prepare a soup for myself. Tonite I made a vegetable soup with sun dried bok troy, Japanese mushrooms, and beef stock. The hot soup tasted not bad and made me feel a little bit comfortable.
This weekend’s tasks: the international marketing essay, & GMAT issue writing.
Sometimes I am thinking what clothing I am gonna purchase. Two projects make me feel interested. One is the peanuts 60th anniversary’s collaborations with multiple brands. I like the longchamp tote bag, moleskine notebook, and the locaste polo shirt. The other project I prefer is Jeremy Scott X adidas. I like the bling-bling tank top and shorts so much.
Hope I will be much better tomorrow.


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