A Tired Monday

my dinner tonite. these few days i ate edamame as snacks. cooking the beef ribs was a challenge to me. i am not good at dealing with the beef and the meat i cooked tonite tasted not very good, but not bad and i have a little progress.

i am not sick but didn’t feel comfy all day long due to lack of sleep. After a 4 hour sleep i missed my early morning class again (and really annoyed a little bit about it, yeah, i indeed really wanna attend the class) then went to McDonald’s for my breakfast. after that i kept learning for hours with no break except that i couldn’t bear the pressure from some part of my body and rushed to the bathroom to relieve it. i quickly finished an international marketing essay on the topic of forcing the appreciation of the Yuan and read all the materials required to be done before my accounting class. I was afraid that there would be an in-class assignment in my accounting class and if i didn’t prepare well i was possible to solve the problem. Similarly i did review for the international marketing class predicting there might be a pop quiz at the beginning of class. All these thoughts stressed me a lot and made me feel very tired during the day.luckily no pop thing happened but after all three classes in the afternoon i began to have a headache. i changed my mind to go back to my apartment immediately and take off all my clothes being naked in my bed. i have no exercise today. hope i can charge enough energy tomorrow and back to my busy routine life.

i have an assignment for my international economics class due tomorrow afternoon. That means i need to get up early to read the book and then pay more time to solve the problems. i should go over it right now but my eyes are with great pain.

i care all of my friends and hope them get rid of the negative emotions. Me too. i should keep study hard in this period, while my mother keeps earning money. don’t waste any opportunity. don’t be so lazy and waste too much time to be depressed. be confident and then do the best performance in life.

ps. my J.Crew flip-flops were left on campus on Saturday and they disappeared on Sunday. Feeling so sad and then place an order to purchase a pair of new flip-flops in the Adidas online store. The last time i purchase any Adidas item should be 5 years ago. I return to Adidas because of its spokespersons. besides the adidas original flip-flops, i also purchase an adidas original scarf, and a mid top black sneaker shoes in the beckham collection under the adidas neo label. many people feel manic for the jeremy scott collection. i do appreciate its bling-bling tank top and shorts and really don’t like its signature wings on the shoes. that’s not my style so i spend more or less the same amount of money on the david beckham shoes, which are cooler and more elegant.


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