Culture Night

haven’t update this blog for such a long time. in the last month i prepared for the applications materials every night and i summited all applications yesterday. so i have nothing special or urgent to handle today. what a free day. though i think my mood becomes nervous when i am actually waiting for the results. many ppl tell me i should be okay based on my scores but i can’t stop doubting whether i will get an offer from NY.

Tonight i attend a culture night held by CESL. okay i think i am very strange to be there coz my style is quite different among the people. i supposed to grab some food there for free but i just drank a pretty small bowl of miso soup made by the japanese girls. so little food prepared for so many people. lots of chinese guys there they were very excited and happy but i seemed to be isolated coz i did not know many people from CESL.

I bleached my hair yesterday and dyed it to be light ash brown. the color seems to be okay but i need to have a hair cut at this weekend.


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