Chinese New Year

1月1號嘅時候倒沒有太大感覺,但這個新年,我忽然覺得我又係時候學鄧穎芝變臉了。或許是因為這段時間一直在準備一些申請學校嘅materials,亦都思考自己下一步要做乜。亦同一些朋友傾過呢方面嘅問題。Network真係好重要。但係自己需要更加努力先得。至少要好好地準備自己嘅personal statement,同埋再一次嘅GMAT,然後聽天由命,若我真能畀理想嘅學校錄取,再思考之後嘅去向吧。我不想跳過呢啲現在我需要處理嘅問題去憧憬自己嘅將來。每一次跟朋友傾完,自己都會安定一點。雖然現在基本上所有事情都是自己在做,但我知道很多人都很有心,也很樂意去幫助我,這些心意我收到了。 閱讀全文


Worn Out

今日好攰。喝下紅牛才睡,很早起身就考試(考得好hea),之後翻自己張床抖了兩粒鐘,之後係成個晏晝嘅課堂。當時已經好眼瞓,之後強打住精神去食飯,然後去health center做gym。晚黑翻到自己張床,霎時間真係完全冇曬力咁濟。

人總係會很忙很累,但我不想這成為我偷懶的借口,我接受不到自己的肉體鬆下來。所以有陣時雖然好惡頂,但我都會堅持抽出一定嘅時間for exercises。另外自己都會有一份成功感。

Opening Ceremony有Jeremy Scott X Adidas 11S/S的pre-order。結果只有四對鞋,同埋完全唔啱我style。應該有好多人會鍾意有隻熊仔喺隻鞋度呱,我就接受唔到了。

Black Sneakers

來自Adidas ObyO James Bond for David Beckham的black sneakers。睇了promotion之後覺得紅色更不錯,但在美國市場我未見到有得賣。但紅色嘅話又會好難襯。至於我睇中的Jeremy Scott Tank Top又什麼時候才有得賣呢?實在等到我不耐煩。 閱讀全文

A Tired Monday

my dinner tonite. these few days i ate edamame as snacks. cooking the beef ribs was a challenge to me. i am not good at dealing with the beef and the meat i cooked tonite tasted not very good, but not bad and i have a little progress.

i am not sick but didn’t feel comfy all day long due to lack of sleep. After a 4 hour sleep i missed my early morning class again (and really annoyed a little bit about it, yeah, i indeed really wanna attend the class) then went to McDonald’s for my breakfast. after that i kept learning for hours with no break except that i couldn’t bear the pressure from some part of my body and rushed to the bathroom to relieve it. i quickly finished an international marketing essay on the topic of forcing the appreciation of the Yuan and read all the materials required to be done before my accounting class. I was afraid that there would be an in-class assignment in my accounting class and if i didn’t prepare well i was possible to solve the problem. Similarly i did review for the international marketing class predicting there might be a pop quiz at the beginning of class. All these thoughts stressed me a lot and made me feel very tired during the day. 閱讀全文