Grey Pants

不知什麼時候開始,著jeans嘅日子越來越少,夏天著shorts,冬天著pants,斯斯文文。Opening Ceremony所有outwear呢兩日打9折,入手了一件灰白色的dunhill,都係很斯文的一件外套,過季衫,本身已經打咗3折,折上折,再免稅,結果大概係75% off。這樣我除了兩件西裝褸,就還有兩件outwear。(另外我已經不敢想象我想買的那件Jeremy X Adidas tank top會賣幾多錢,直到目前為止,只有一件track jacket有得賣,成1,000美金一件。) 閱讀全文


A Tired Monday

my dinner tonite. these few days i ate edamame as snacks. cooking the beef ribs was a challenge to me. i am not good at dealing with the beef and the meat i cooked tonite tasted not very good, but not bad and i have a little progress.

i am not sick but didn’t feel comfy all day long due to lack of sleep. After a 4 hour sleep i missed my early morning class again (and really annoyed a little bit about it, yeah, i indeed really wanna attend the class) then went to McDonald’s for my breakfast. after that i kept learning for hours with no break except that i couldn’t bear the pressure from some part of my body and rushed to the bathroom to relieve it. i quickly finished an international marketing essay on the topic of forcing the appreciation of the Yuan and read all the materials required to be done before my accounting class. I was afraid that there would be an in-class assignment in my accounting class and if i didn’t prepare well i was possible to solve the problem. Similarly i did review for the international marketing class predicting there might be a pop quiz at the beginning of class. All these thoughts stressed me a lot and made me feel very tired during the day. 閱讀全文